LOGEX - Het rekencentrum voor medisch Nederland


LOGEX empowers the future of hospital care by supporting medical and financial professionals in taking the best informed decisions to deliver care as efficiently as possible

For over 8 years, we have combined data and analytics with technology and expertise. In innovative ways we translate large amounts of data and information into clear and actionable insights for our clients.

We generate unique and accessible analytical models to value the hospital’s performance, using our proprietary benchmark methodology developed in close cooperation with medical specialists and hospitals.

Our clear and state-of-the-art models provide objectivity and context to make better informed, data-driven decisions ranging from the operational care process, to strategic and financial decisions at management level. We provide decision makers with a sharper view so they can drive better and more effective performance every day.

Our mission is to improve the quality and affordability of health care by making smarter use of data and technology.

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