LOGEX - Het rekencentrum voor medisch Nederland



Our vision

Healthcare in the Netherlands and the rest of the world is changing rapidly and is facing great challenges to keep it accessible and affordable. The healthcare industry is at the forefront of generating data, but at the same time far behind in realizing returns on this data.

New technology and advanced analytics offer opportunities to reveal undiscovered value. Quality can always be increased and efficiency can always be improved in order to optimize the value of each invested euro. By carefully looking at other industries, markets and countries and by combining this with our passion for 'simplexity' we help to increase the return on healthcare data.

We deliver high-quality, data-driven, clear and actionable insights to healthcare professionals. We believe that both medical and financial professionals should have more tools at their disposal to make the best decisions based on data and facts.

Future prospects

Healthcare markets around the world will continue to change at a rapid pace in the coming years. Political reforms and focus on cost containment are building pressure on healthcare systems. To have a sharper view in this ever more complex world, smart algorithms and analytical models that translate structured and unstructured data into clear and actionable insights are needed.

In the healthcare system of the future, healthcare professionals and patients will receive ongoing support and feedback when taking decisions. We see opportunities to increase the self-learning ability of hospitals and its professionals exponentially. In collaboration with hospitals, medical specialists and financials, we develop advanced analytical models and applications to drive better performance.