LOGEX - Het rekencentrum voor medisch Nederland


Philipp Jan Flach

Philipp Jan Flach is Director and CEO of LOGEX. Prior to LOGEX, Philipp Jan was an executive board member at MC Slotervaart and MC Groep (hospitals) and served as an executive at DeSeizoenen (care for mentally disabled persons). He started his career as a strategy consultant with Bain & Company in 2003.

Apart from general management and driving LOGEX’ growth, Philipp Jan is focused on the analysis and implementation of the principles of ‘Value Based Healthcare’ for hospitals and medical doctors. In his position at LOGEX, he fosters innovation in healthcare. The focus on innovation creates value for clients, both LOGEX’ direct customers and the end consumer – patients.

Philipp Jan received medical degree from the VU University Amsterdam and completed an MBA at the Harvard Business School (Boston, USA). During his MBA-studies, he worked closely with Prof. Michael Porter, who introduced the concept of ‘Value Based Healthcare’ in his book ‘Redefining Healthcare’. The concept focusses on the importance of ‘organizing around the medical condition’ and ‘measurement of outcomes and costs’.