LOGEX - Het rekencentrum voor medisch Nederland


Maarten Peters

Maarten Peters has been working at LOGEX since 2016 as an Analyst. Maarten obtained his bachelor’s degree in Econometrics at the RuG in Groningen, where after he moved to Amsterdam to start a master’s degree in Econometrics. During these years he has developed a lot of quantitative skills on how to work with large amounts of data. Next to his studies, he has also worked as a board member of his study association, where he came into contact with LOGEX.

Maarten thinks that the steadily growing amount of data available in healthcare can provide insight for medical specialists on how to improve the quality of health care whilst simultaneously saving costs. By making use of his analytical skills he hopes to contribute to this development.

Within LOGEX Maarten is responsible for statistical control and data analysis for Medical Specialists.