LOGEX - Het rekencentrum voor medisch Nederland



The philosophy of LOGEX is built on three pillars:

Objectify decision strategies: follow the facts

  • LOGEX believes that the best decision makers carefully weigh knowledge, data, facts and experience in their decision process
  • Decision makers with a sharper view on complex problems can realize structural competitive advantages by driving performance to provide better care at a competitive price. The LOGEX Benchmark provides the required context for this
  • In healthcare, the extensive amount of data provides many opportunities to further identify operational, qualitative and financial improvements

Support and cooperation: one truth based on data and facts

  • Hospitals and medical professionals are inextricably linked. Closer cooperation leads to better and more efficient care.  We design, develop and test all our products in close conjunction with hospitals and medical specialists to maximize adoption by end users
  • LOGEX brings relevant information to both the medical and financial professionals within the hospital. Our aim is to enable both to excel
  • Our models provide accurate and relevant information to all parties, one truth is the basis for mutual understanding

Accessible and innovative: analytical applications on the LOGEX Smart Hospital Grid ®

  • To power the LOGEX Smart Hospital Grid® we centrally develop and scale our technology and knowledge to achieve state-of-the-art solutions and models
  • The interface of our applications allow users to interact smoothly with data, to ask better questions and make better decisions
  • The LOGEX Smart Hospital Grid® creates a network of smart hospitals who can access the latest analytical models, insights, benchmarks and technology anytime, anywhere